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About Us

Forty seven was established in November 2018 by Mother and Daughter; Michelle and Coral.

Michelle had been selling partyware and balloons, online, for over 15 years.
She has never had the opportunity to set up a 'high street' shop. Being a mum to two children and being a partner, in her Husband's printing business, meant she never really had time to lay her own dreams and passions on the table. 
Since Coral finishing A Levels they both had a very close relationship, more like best friends, as well as Mother and Daughter. They always talked about ‘running a shop’, selling the best partyware and creating bespoke balloons, for all occasions. When their shop became available to view and possibly accommodate, everything started to feel very real and those dreams were becoming a reality. 

Coral -

Growing up I loved 'playing' shops and keying in prices into my mum's till, bagging up sales and then putting it all back on the shelves to start again. I never really knew what I wanted as my future career. One thing, I thought, I was certain on was not running my own business. 

As A-level exams creeped up on me, I decided that my next step in life was to go to University, my chosen subject to study was Interior design. Although I had confidence talking to people and expressing my chosen art, Graphic design, my interviews definitely made me realise that university wasn't for me and it really made me feel as though I wasn't 'good enough' to study Interior Design. 

I've always had a passion for homewares and that's why Forty Seven has such a variety of products available to shop instore and on our website.

So with no experience with running a business or even knowing where to start, sourcing my passion, for homewares. Me and mum worked together, visited trade shows and found a niche, that we have ran with since opening our shop in 2018.
Without mum being there I would have never got to where I am now. She's taught me so much and built my confidence, running a business. Something I thought I'd never be capable of doing.

It feels me with so much joy that our new and existing customers choose to shop with Forty Seven. It is such a compliment that you buy from our small business, as you're not only supporting our business, but you're supporting our dream.


Many people ask "Where's the name ‘Forty Seven’ actually come from?" 
Well there was a very important reason to why we chose Marden village, to locate our shop. One of the key aspects was because the role model and all round loving member of the family William Hayward grew up in Marden. Michelle's father/ Coral's Grandfather. He has been a Marden lad since birth and, to us, this was so important as we wanted the shop to have purpose and reasoning behind the location to the name. 

William Hayward was known for his grass track racing and through his early 20s became a local 'star' in the grass track racing industry.
His famous number, on his bike, was no.47 and he insisted that he kept this number through his racing years. It took us months to agree and fall in love with a name, for the shop, this number had so much relevance to us and the area that it just felt right to have it representing our shop, in the village, that the grass track racer, grew up in and parents, to this day, still live. 

Due to 2020s unprecedented announcements, we unfortunately had to close our shop doors whilst non-essential shops didn't need to be open in the national and local lockdowns. At first - like most people - we didn't know what to do with ourselves. This is how and when our website started.


Our website stocks a variety of products to show our diversity in our shop. We offer click and collect for our local customers but we also offer delivery so we can start reaching out to all over the UK.