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Measuring Cup set
Measuring Cup set

Measuring Cup set

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Set of 4 white porcelain Measuring Cups, that stack neatly inside each other.  Their relevant measures can be found printed on each of their handles.

cups capacities....

60ml : 1/4 cup

80ml : 1/3 cup

125ml : 1/2 cup

250ml : 1 cup


Sizes: 1 cup - 17cm x 10cm x 6cm, with each cup decreasing in size accordingly allowing them to nest inside each other.


Please note:
These items are made of porcelain and may become cracked if knocked or dropped.
NOT microwave safe
NOT dishwasher safe - wash in warm soapy water.


Due to these items being hand glazed there may be some irregularity in the glaze, which is part of the product.